Terms and Conditions

For “The Users”

  • Inappropriate information: SeatingHub is not responsible for any discrepancy between the pictures shown and the actual space given by ‘The Providers’
  • Facilities: It is the responsibility of The Users to verify each and every detail and to check its suitability. SeatingHub is not responsible or non-provision of facilities that are available on the websites.
  • Disputes: Any disputes between the two parties have to be handled independently without any involvement of SeatingHub.
  • Follow up Calls: The Users agree to take follow up calls from SeatingHub in case of enquiries.

For “The Providers”

  • Charges: Listing of Properties on SeatingHub is free of charge, however once the transaction is complete, there is a completion charge that is charged for booking space from our portal. Also in case agreement or legal services, there is an extra fee that is charged. Check the Pricing details.
  • Appropriate information: It is advisable for all users to fill required information in the right box. SeatingHub has full right to alter the details or cancel the listing in case of any fraud/inappropriate information given.
  • Communication with ‘The Users’: SeatingHub provides a platform to make you connect with people looking for space through emails. You need to reply to the email queries within 48 hours with complete solution of their query and if required fix a meeting with them.
  • Offline Deals: If the space users come from SeatingHub to do an offline transaction, the providers are bound to inform the company so that they can be removed from the listing
  • Delisting: In case you do not want to show listing on SeatingHub please email us on contact@seatinghub.com to remove your listing. It would be done within 48 hours.
  • Non-Payment of Rentals: SeatingHub is not responsible for any non-payment, late payment and partial payment issues.
  • Background Checks: SeatingHub does not take responsibility for any space seekers and we do not verify them.
  • Damage/ Loss caused by the Users: SeatingHub does not take any responsibility in case of any damage or harm caused by space users. Conflicts arising would have to be settled independently between the two parties. Damage amount cannot be adjusted in the space rent.
  • Disputes: In case of any dispute between The Provider and The Users; SeatingHub cannot be involved.